International Double Bass Competition of

Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf 2023

13 -14. June 2023, Banská Bystrica

Academy of Arts, faculty of music arts

J. Kollára 20, 97401 Banská Bystrica 

ditters von detterrsdorf


The 12th year of International Double Bass competition of C. D. von Dittersdorf is organized by the Slovak Double Bass Club. It is dedicated for all double bass players, pupils and students of primary music shools, conservatories, music academies and universities.

Profile of this this competition integrates to a lot of similar international double bass competitions, which are organised all around the world. During of seven years of existence it entegrated to prominent double bass interprets competitions from all of the Europe. It uprised under an international workshops called Bass Fest (from year 2012). In incomming classes it cames to a part of this international interpreter courses.

More than 180 competitiors from primary art schools, conservatories and arc colleges and academies from 21 european countries were engaged during 10 years of competition existance in unique categories. In the second and third category each participiant has to present  obligatory composition, which was composed for actual class of Slovak modern composer, or famous Slovak composers from past. (In 2013 it was a composition – Fare Musica“ Vojtech Didi, in the year 2014 – „Bassome mucho“ Jevgenij Iršai, 2015 T. Frešo- malá fantázia, Ľ. Rajter . Sonatína, S. Palúch, 2016, Ľ. Rajter – Sonatína pre kontrabas a klavír, and V. Fortin – “Toccata for db and piano”, 2017- Vladimír Martinka – “Magic of castle Veľký Biel” and composition form L. Kubkovič: Sonatína A major in the new edition of Slovak Double Bass Club. 

The goal of this competition is to enrich, motivate and support a wholsome competibility under double bass students and participators to offer a possibility for all participators, listeners and visitors to compare own shows with other interpreters from foreign countries and representatives of another international schools.

The condition and the target of organisers it to keep the most objective appreciation of the competitors in the form of an international  jury composition, which  consists from prominent personalities, double bass players, sololist and educationists on prominents academies from all over the Europe.



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