How all began…

Daniela Timokhine discovered her passion for the piano at the age of four. Three years later she started taking lessons.
Visiting an organ concert sparked her fascination for the organ: its full tone, the abundant variety of tone colours and the challenge of tapping keys with the feet as well as the hands prompted her to learn the organ.

She studied the piano at the Zurich University of the Arts with Professor Karl-Andreas Kolly and completed her Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy and Music Performance in 2002 with distinction.

Simultaneously she started studying the organ with Andre Manz at the Swiss Academy of Music and Pedagogy (SAMP).


2005 she received her Masters of Art in Music Pedagogy and Music Performance with distinction as well.

From 2005 to 2008 she brought her organ skills to perfection while studying with Maître Daniel Roth, world-famous organ virtuoso and appointed titular organist at St. Sulpice in Paris.

2006 Daniela Timokhine won the Collar-Scherrer Foundation Prize in the prestigious Kiefer-Hablitzel Competition. In the same year, she received the Culture Award of the Canton of Thurgau. In 2007, the Swiss TV showed a documentary of her work.


She currently performs as organ soloist at various international festivals:

  • Orgelmusik zur Marktzeit, Münster Freiburg (D)
  • Concerts at Belcourt Castle, Newport (USA)
  • Festival Toulouse (F)
  • Orgelfestival Uster
  • Tonhalle Zürich

As pianist of the Yofin Ensemble, she plays regularly in various formations, from duos to sextets.

Since 2005 Daniela has been an organist at the Protestant Church in Zürich-Altstetten. There, she organizes concerts on a regular basis, among others the well-known “Westspiele” with internationally renowned artists.

She teaches the piano and the organ at the Winterthur Conservatory since 2003, as well as giving piano lessons at the Zurich University of the Arts.