Jan Prievoznik was born in 1982 in Piešťany.

His musical double bass education began at the age of 14 in conservatory in Topolčany and later in conservatory in Bratislava. He continued and graduated in the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica under Ján Krigovský. During his study he was a member of State opera in Banská Bystrica, Slovak National Theatre. He has been working as a double bass player with the most of Slovak orchestras like Slovak Symfonietta ( solo performing – Vaňhal concerto), Slovak chamber orchestra, Capella Istropolitana. He is an assistant of first double bass player in Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra. Since the year 2005 he began to be interested in the interpretation of early music. He is a member of lots of orchestras and also cooperates with many orchestras Musica Aeterna, Wiener Akademie, The Czech baroque ensemble, Musica Florea, Ars Antiqua Austria, Wroclaw baroque orchestra etc. He is a teacher of Double bass in conservatory in Nitra and lector in Summer Baroque School in Holešov in Czech Republic. He performs many solo works for double bass and chamber music especially for Wiener tuning Violone from Wienner classic period  J. M. Sperger, F. A. Hoffmeister, J. K. Vaňhal, K. Kohaut, J. G. Albrechtsberger, F. Keyper, but also clasicism virtuoso Domenico Dragonetti.  

Since the year 2010 he built and promotes together with Jan Krigovsky the Slovak Double Bass Club, which organizes many concerts, music festival Musica Perennis Iuventutis,  Four years of double bass workshops BASS FEST in Banská Bystrica, international double bass competition of Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf and has many other activities to support Double Bass in Slovakia.