One of the leading figures of the Slovak music scene with high credit even beyond the borders of the country, trumpeter and arranger dedicated to jazz and classical music. He studied at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and he took courses of Brass Meeting in Grieskirchen (P. Thibauld, A. van Rooyer). In the `80s he was a member of the Bratislava Big Band and the Peter Lipa Combo, during 1988-1993 he was playing in the Emil Viklický Quartet (which was Dizzy Gillespie`s opening act). In 1990 he founded the successful ensemble Bratislava Hot Serenaders focusing on the interpretation of American jazz and hot dance music from the `20s and the `30s and the Slovak dance music with jazz elements. In the `90s he played in The Quartet (Bartoš, Škuta, Zeleňák) and in the Štěpán Markovič`s Jazz Face, later in the Hot House Quintet (since 2002), since 1996 he has been a member of the Gustav Brom Orchestra. He also performed with the Vienna Art Orchestra. As a member of the Ray Charles Orchestra he accompanied the singers L. Minnelli and Shirley Bassey on their international tours. During his career Juraj Bartoš received a number of national and international awards (the Prague Spring Competition finalist, laureate of the International Competition of young performers during the Bratislava Music Festival, prizes of the Slovakia Music Fund, Ladislav Martoník Prize, the Jazz Kája prize and other.) As a soloist he performed with the Slovak Philharmonic, the Slovak State Philharmonic Košice, the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Zlín Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2012 he played with the organist J. V. Michalko at the Prague Spring Festival. J. Bartoš has cooperated at the national and the international level with a number of renowned artists both from the world of jazz and classical music, his art can be heard on dozens of recordings.