Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi was born in Atessa (CH) on December 26th, 1980, when he was 9 years hold he began to study Accordion and after Bandoneon. He has attended specializzation coursers with: J. Mornet, W. Zubitsky, A.L. Castano, C.Rossi, Y. Shishkin, M. Pitocco.

In 2007 he graduated with honours at the Music Academy “Santa Cecilia” in Rome, Italy.

Brillant performer of refined musicality, he has won lots of national and international competitions among which: 1st  Prize at the National Competition “Città di Latina” ( 1995,1996,1997);
1st  Prize at the National Competition   “Città di Montese” (MO)  (1997);
1st  Prize at the International Competition “S.Bizzarri of Morro D’ Oro” (TE) cat. Junior (1997);

Best Italian at the International Competition “Castelfidardo” cat. Junior (1997)
In July (1998) he was selected to represent Italy at the WORLD TROPHY  C.M.A. (Junior) in Recoaro Terme, (Italy);