new Zimmermann and Sperger sheet music in the SDBC edition

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SDBC publishes new sheet music, a musical score with a complete critical edition of the works of J.M. Sperger and A. Zimmermann. This is the world premiere of the new/rediscovered edition, respectively. revised works of these double bass giants and the most representative representatives of the so-called Viennese classicism and the period of high classicism in Slovakia.

Author’s manuscripts of concertos for double bass no. 2 in D, no. 3 in F, no. 4 in B by Johann Mathias Sperger and the hitherto unpublished concerto for Violone in D by A. Zimmermann is published for the first time in the URTEXT edition in Slovakia, produced by our OZ Slovak Double Bass Club. The credit for this goes to Ján Krigovský, who undertook to record his three concerts in 2021 in the original version for Viennese double bass (produced by Chalengerecords) and also to Ján Prievozník, who in 2022 recorded a concert by Anton Zimmermann (produced by SDBC). You can order the works HERE!

The work consists of four scores, which contain:

Johann Mathias Sperger:

Concerto per il Contra Basso  in D 




Concerto per il Contrabasso  in B 




Concerto per il Contrabasso In F



Anton Zimmermann: 

Concerto per il Violone in D


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Editors collaborated on the Project:

Publisher: SDBC production 2022

Author of texts: Ján Prievozník, Ján Krigovský

Authors of the critical report and score: Marek Čermák, Ján Prievozník

Graphic design: Ján Kurinec


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Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council