Here you can find necessary, new and actual information for any participants of BASS FEST+2015 workshops and Competition of Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf. 

17. 8. 2015

– We are terrible sorry, but Roman Patkoló must cancel his participation on workshops BASS FEST+2015, becouse of his necessary familly and job duties.

21. 8. 2015

– we extend registration for BASS FEST+2015 workshops and double bass competition!

28. 8. 2015

– Here you can find PAGE with actual list of participants of workshops and competition of C. D. von Dittersdorf 2015.  CLICK HERE!

31. 8. 2015

Please notice that some lectors are teaching only some days during whole workshops! If you register please have a look to SCHEDULE OF LECTORS!

17. 9. 2015

You are warm welcome to LECTURES of BASS FEST+2015, program see HERE!