In the year  2016 we realize our  little dream and also other intention of Slovak Double Bass Club :
make our first real edition of music!

Our intention is first of all generate, establish and patronize about Slovak new composition and also transkription for double bass

Therefor is name of this edition:

Slovak Double Bass Archive

In the year of 2016 we publish and print BAND1 (Irshai, Palúch, Lenko, Didi, Comendant)

In the next edidtion of children double bass archive we publish and print music by: 

A. Borodin a S. Prokofiev: “four little pieces for double bass and piano”



S. Prokofiev

Transcriptions: music for children




All the music is available in our e-shop!

/little mistake of system in our web site! You have to order it only in english version…sorry/

SDBC production

Many thanks to Ján Kurinec, perfect doublebassist, our good friend and great graphic artist, who had very big average and help with especially children double bass pieces, but also with all graphic work and illustrations.