stano palúch

He was born in Čadca in 1977. He attended the Music school under Dana Majdáková in Kysucké Nové Mesto.   At the Conservatory in Žilina he took lessons from professor Bohumil Urban. He graduated from the Academy of Music Performing Arts in Bratislava where he studied under professor Bohdan Warchal.   In his childhood he devoted himself to folklore music under the leadership of his father. During his studies at the conservatory he started to occupy himself with jazz and he started playing it at the university.   His presence at major local festivals of jazz, folklore music, classical music and other genres made him well-known. He has given concerts in the majority of European countries and in the USA; he has recorded both for the Czech and Slovak Radio Station and TV as well as for the Austrian ORF. He has recorded about 40 albums as a studio musician.   He composes and arranges music. He has composed music for the performance of Slovak Folklore Artistic Group and also for two short films titled “Ábelov čierny pes (Abel’s black dog)” and “Chyťte ho (Catch him)”.   He is a member of the following ensembles: PACORA (Marcel Comendant- cimbalom, Róbert Ragan-bass) ALFA (Daniel Buranovský- piano, Boris Lenko- accordion, Ján Kriglovský-bass) Acoustic Colours (Michal Vavro- guitar, Juraj Griglák- bass guitar, Igor Sabo- percussions, Luboš Novotný- dobro guitar) Bass Friends (Juraj Griglák- bass guitar, Peter Solárik- drums, Matúš Jakabčic- guitar) Solamente Naturali Bratislava Chamber Soloists Nothing but Swing Trio (Klaudius Kováč- piano, Róbert Ragan – bass, Peter Solárik- drums)