Waldemar Tamowski is a Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice graduate, academic education at Instrumental Department. He graduated from Instrumental Department in 1982 in Professor Stefan Nowak double – bass Class. He has been musician in WOSPR and TV in Katowice (currently NOSPR) since 1978. In the years 1984-1987 he led a double-bass class in Music Secondary School in Katowice. Since 1987 he has been an employee of Academy of Music in Katowice, currently on the post of Assistant Professor. In 1995 Department of Art Education and Education Centre offered him accession to the office of first and second grade music schools consultant.

He regularly attends the works of Macro-regional Cello and Contrabass Auditions and since 1988 he has been the member of competition board in National Auditions of these classes. He is also invited to the jury of National Cello and Contrabass Contest in Poznań.

Along with Art Education Centre he has initiated   and has been developing Wiktor Grodziński National Contrabass Contest programme formula in Katowice. In 2002 , being invited by Professor Thomas Martin, he conducted individual  classes and master course in Guildhall School of Music&Drama in London.

His students and graduates are the laureates of National Contrabass Competition in Poznań, Łódź and International Competition in  Markneukirchen, Geneva and Wrocław. They are in concerts as soloists and record in Poland and abroad. They occupy the leading positions in prestigious symphonic orchestras in Poland and Europe (among others: Jan Kotula- a contrabass soloist for NOSPR in Katowice, Arkadiusz Maciejski – Symphonic Orchestra soloist in San Sebastian, Aleksander Gabryś- the member of “Ensemble Phenix Basel” and  “X-Quartet” in Basel, Sławomir Grenda- Munich Philharmonic soloist, Bogusław Furtok- Radio Symphonic Orchestra in Frankfurt on the Main.

In 2012 he was called to the position of the director of Academy of Music String Instruments Chair in Katowice.