Werner Fleischmann

born 1955 in Vienna, startet Bass studies with Ludwig Streicher in Vienna Academy 1968. He finished the academy with Diplom 1978, in 1977 he became member of the „Vienna Symphony Orchestra“.

Also he was member of several Chamber Music Ensembles like „Bella musica“, „Bel árte“, „Wiener Concerterein“ and especially traditional Austrian Dancing Music in the “Wiener Johann Strauss Orchestra“.

From 1997- 2020 he was teaching Doublebass at the University of Music Vienna.

The main idea of teaching is the special sound of Double Bass, we play in Vienna. In his masterclasses you learn the famous sound and technic system of his teacher „Ludwig Streicher“ in the original way. This sound and this pleasure you can use in Orchestra music, but also in Folk music or Chambermusic.