Burak Karaağaç PHOTO


He started double bass in 1988, Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory with Prof. Tahir Sümer. He win to France in the Mediterranean Youth  Symphony Orchestra exam 1995 and at the same time, there is also Principle bass examination European Union countries and  concert tours in the Mediterranean countries, has worked with Prof. J.M.Rolez. in 1998,  graduated from grade to the Conservatory. His academic career at the Bilkent University music and performing arts, continued with Sergey Margulis. the master’s program in 2007, finished with a Proficiency program honor in 2010.Center is in Musica Europa Italy Opera Orchestra 2009-2010 organized by the World Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Unicef in 2010, was invited as a Principle bass and teacher . in 2011 Poland Trade overseas, the Karol Lipinski Academy of Music double bass Trainer (Post-Doctora.). Domestic and overseas well-known mastery classes held one of the world’s leading double bass solist and teacher also found the opportunity to work.Some of them are Prof. K. Trumf (Germany); Prof. A. Chilo (Russia); Prof. M. Gajdos (Slovakia); Prof. F. Petrachi (Italy); G. Karr (Usa); Prof.B.Nancka (Poland);Prof. İ. Olkiewicz (Poland);G. Angles (Germany);M. Prochovnic (Canada). After He has took place as a teacher in a numerous same Master-class with famous Professors. Netherlands (Concertgebouw), United Kingdom (Albert Hall), Japan (Tokyo Concert Center), Germany (Berlin Concert Hall), Egypt, Lebanon, France, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, etc … important music centres, Chamber music, Recitals and Solo concerts.etc…. Concerts in Turkey with many makes ,Contemporary Turkish Composer him first and realized that he was dedicated. Now, Double bass teacher as an Assosciated Professor In Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory.

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