“He is a coveted double bassists, in the esembles of an authentic interpratition first of all, but in the esembles for the current folk and experimental music as well. The reason is his players´ skill, the musicianship and the quality of the sound demonstration. Mr. Krigovský shos  wiht the generous, vital and technical pure play as a sololist.”

(Vladimír Čížik: The lexicon of the Slovak concentral Art II)

The centre of  the Ján Krigovský´s interest is the interpretation of the chamber and sole creation, and of orchestral playing too.

He cooperates with several  esambles as a chamber player, with the esambles, which are specialing in the old music firts of all: Wiener Accademie (Martin Haselböck), Ars Antiqua Austria (Gunar Letzbor), La Cetra Basel (Ciara Banchini), Capriccio Basel, Freitags Accademie Bern, Royal Orquestra Catalunia (Jordi Savall), Collegium Marianum Praha (Jana Semerádová), Collegium 1704 Prague (Václav Luks), La Fioritta Basel, Freiburg Barock Orchester, an international union Octet Ampion (it obtained the 1. Place on the competition of classistics Instruments in Netherlands, 2003); and with the domestic  configuration for the actual music Alea (leader Boris Lenko). The music partners of him were:

Bohdan Warchal, Ewald Danel, Peter Zajíček, Miloš Valent, Alexander Jablokov – vn; Jozef Podhoranský – vc, Magdaléna Kožená – ms,; and the conductor persons Claudio Abbado, Serge Baudo, Jordi Savall, René Jacobs, Sigiswald Kuijken and other.

He cooperated as a sololist with the domestic entities as Capella Istropolitana, ŠKO Žilina, Musica aeterna, and with lot of a foreign entities as well,  for example: . L´Orfeo in Linz, Capriccio Basel, Konzerthaus Wien and Musikverrein Wien, He affected in lot of orchestras and essambles in Slovakia during his studium and after he graduated too: ŠF Košice, The state theatre Košice,The chamber opera Bratislava, SĽUK, ŠKO Žilina, SND Bratislava, Musica aeterna and other.)

He introduced hisselfs as a sololist  and as a member of the chamber esambles too on the prominent festivals here in Slovakia (BHS, The days of an old music Bratislava and Košice, The music spring of Košice, Melos-Étos); and at foreign festivals as well: The musci spring of Prague -, Wiener Festspielwochen, Salzburger Festspielwochen, Festspielwochen in Munich, at the festivals of and old music in Italy, (Cremona, Roma, Pizza), Austria (Linz, Innsbruck), Swizterland (Basel, Zürich, Bern), Germany (Berlín, Bonn, Frankfurt, Strassburg, Schwetzingen), Netherlands (Amsterdam, Den Haag) and in Spain (Barcelona)).

He is active as a educationist since he studied at The Academy of musician art constantly. He teachaed  at the Conservatory in Žilina (1994-1996) and at the Private conservatory in Topoľčany(1996-2001).

Since 2000 he is affecting as a educationist at The sacral conservatory in Bratislava and since 2002 at The Academy of art Banská Bystrica. He recorded as a chamber player for the slovak, the czech and the german (CPO, WDR, NDR, ZDF), the austrian (ORF, ORF1, Institut fur Tyroler Musikforschung Innsbruck) and a french (Pan Clasic, Arcana) radio and television.
He is addicted to a viol playing, catcalls, cembalo, piano and singsong on the concerts too.