The festival Musica Perennis Iuventutis 2015 is a year-long music festival intended to a support of concert life in the town Senec, Veľký Biel and surroundings. It represents the artistic activities, it makes a space for an art creativity of young Slovak artists, it opens the space for an artistic reflexion, the presentation and enrichment of culture activities. With its regional character it tries to fill up the gap in the concert life in the town Senec and surroundings. It brings the proffesional culture activities in form of concert series during the whole year.

The festival is divided be genre to several concerts, which objective rotate, which mutally fill up and bring a variety of music genres. It offes a baroque and classicistic music on an original contemporary music Instruments, the romantic music on current music Instruments, jazz, world music, folklore and other interesting and non-traditional music formations. It participates there first of all the domestic musicians in the cooperation with renamed entities, sololists and artists from whole Europe.

The festival Musica Perennis Iuventutis 2015 has a deep social dimension, becuase every yield from concerts and activities is devoted for a concrete social help. One of the main ideas of the festival is the benefits this yaer as well.

The yields from concerts will be used for charity, the civil unions and social disadvantaged citizens groups, for another non-profit beneficents unions in Slovakia and in foreign countries too.

The main plan of the 4. Class of festival Art Therapy – the therapy by music and art. The non-profit organisations connect every concert and the children too, for who  is the participation on this undertaking a very special thing.

This form of the art involves every child with physical or psychical handicap. It works on their sensens, they can live trouhgt the atmosphere and they absorb the art, they let permeat it into their inner space and soul. This aspect is the most important and very extraordinary and sporadic.


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