IMG_265This year is also possible to visit some lectors with problematic of orchestral playing. This theme and specific problematic is specially (but not only) in Slovakia unprized and ignore. We would like to separate the space only for studium of orchestral parts. Many of the students, or even any students will be more orchestral player, than solo player!

Please take a care, download and prepare some of these orchestral scores! 

Lectors available:

Herbert Mayr – first Double Bass player of Wiener Filharmoniker

Thiery Barbé – first Double Bass player of Paris Opera

Vlado Žatko – first Double Bass player of Düsseldorf fiharmonie

Zsolt Fejérvári – first Double Bass player of Budapest Festival Orchestra

Ruslan Lutsyk – first Double Bass player of Oper Zürich

Download HERE:

Orchestrálne party č.1

Orchestrálne party č.2
Orchestrálne party č.3