Bulgarian & Slovak friendship concert

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STREDA/ WEDNESDAY 12. 2.2014 19:00
sála J. Cikera – RADNICA, nám. SNP 1, Banská Bystrica / J. Ciker hall – RADNICA, SNP square Nr. 1, Banská Bystrica

Bulgarian & Slovak friendship concert
Petia Bagovska (BG) – kontrabas/ double bass
Eva Cáhová (SK) – klavír/ piano
Svoboda Bozduganova (BG) – kontrabas/ double bass
Dobromir Kisiov (BG) – kontrabas/ double bass
Jan Prievozník (SK) – kontrabas/ double bass

Program/ program: G. Z. Tcherkin, G. Cassado, F. Rabbath, A. Piazzola, D. anderson, S. Dimitrov, G. Makhoshvili

Ján Krigovský, Ján Prievozník, Metod Podolský, Ján Borza

Program/ program: M.P. Musorgskij/ J.B.B.B, Ludvig van Beethoven, G. Bottesini

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