The goal of these creative workshops is to pay an attention to breeding and qualitative education of the youngest children. The time period of the qualitative keystones setting from top performers is very important for the children.

Often it predestinates their artistic movement, it gives an very important impulses and affords a rich advices, it opens a new possibilities for their development. It feeds into the world  of the adult artists in not last line. Thay don´t have an opportunity to peer into this world every day.

The classification  of this „class“ into the international workshops BASS FEST+2015 is a step, which we are pursueing with, the need of the most important investments in the youngest artists, musicians.

According to the interests of the children, their possibilities and competenties, they can be involved to an orchestra of a chamber-music or to a smaller sole scenas (according to the interests and the quantity of registered participators), under the leading of the skilled educationists. (Dalibor Karvay, Jozef Podhoranský, Zuzana Bouřová, Ján Krigovský).

They can present it on the final  concert on 2th. od October in the concert hall of J. Ciker  in Banská Bystrica. The participators will be honoured  with a memorial letter and with a graduation certificate as well. And in a not last line with an applause and appreciation.

The children with no age limit can be registered. We recommend the attendance of the parent, od the teacher or the musicial instrument eventually.

In case of the interest it has to be reported:

  • The name of the participator
  • The date of the birth
  • The permanent adress

In case of the interest it is possible to offer the accommodation for the child and for the escort person as well. The price is 12 €/night/person.

The course price:

12 €/day.

The lessons runs daily afternoon from 15,00 to 18,00, according to an interest of theregistered partiicipators for the creative workshops.


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